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How to recognize hair quality?

In the recent years in Poland many companies have appeared which offer different hair: synthetic, Asian, Slavic, European, Indian, etc. Such a wide range and also misleading names caused great confusion.

The guide will give you information about the main differences between the given types of hair, how to recognize them, what you shall pay attention to and how not to get cheated by dishonest sellers.

Hair used for extension may be divided by a few criteria:

  • material used for production
  • place of origin
  • chemical treatment level
  • hair structure

The main criterion is of course the material used for hair production.

Synthetic hair

Applied less and less often, unjustly considered as low quality hair, it gained bad name because of cheap products from China. Only high quality types such as Monofibre or Prolin are suitable for extension, for the production of which keratin was used, that is protein contained in human hair.


much lighter than natural hair, do not overload roots too much and due to it, it can be applied for people with very sensitive and delicate skin. Colour remains unchanged for the whole period of wear. Assuming adequate realization of extension with Monofibre or Prolin hair, we shall obtain surprisingly fluffy and thick hair.


little resistant to high temperature, easy to get damaged while thermal processing using, e.g. too hot drier, metal curler or hair iron.

Natural hair

In order to describe it, we shall use the following criteria: place of origin and chemical processing level. The two information tells us the most about natural hair quality.

Chinese hair

Straight, rigid hair of very dark pigment. Produced on industrial scale in China. In the bleaching and colouring process, the hair is subject to aggressive treatment, mostly with ammonia compounds. As a result of the above, we receive a product which is completely deprived of cuticle. In the final production phase, it is covered with a silicone layer in order to achieve the effect of smooth and shiny hair.

On the highest quality Chinese hair one or two layers of synthetic caoutchouc is placed (e.g. Standard Racoon hair). Due to the procedure, hair remains soft and delicate even for 6 months. It has to be underlined that classical cosmetics which contain proteins rinse out silicone and cause quick damage of Chinese hair.


low price, colour repeatability, wide range of colours,


subject to strong chemical processing, no cuticle, problems with colouring, necessity of using cosmetics without proteins

Indian hair

Hair of similar structure to European hair but of more rigid and porous structure, of dark or very dark pigment. For the purposes of bleaching or colouring strong chemical agents are also applied based on ammonia, what causes partial damage of cuticle.

Some producers, in order to improve the effect, place a silicone layer. Indian hair as a result of strong bleaching become thin and susceptible to tangling, especially at the ends.


medium price, colour repeatability, soft to touch,


partial cuticle, sometimes problems with colouring, tangling

European hair

Hair from different parts of Europe are used for their production. Pigmentation from bright, through dark to black. Smooth and soft structure. In the production process, hair is mixed with each other, bleached and coloured. Chemical agents used for the above are milder and cause only partial damage of cuticle.

Silicone is not placed on the product obtained. Hair is soft and delicate of slightly wavy (susceptible) structure.


medium price, colour repeatability, soft and gentle,


partial cuticle

Slavic hair

Place of origin: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine and European part of Russia.

The most appreciated hair in the world for its softness, silky brightness and smooth structure. As it is hard to get, it is not produced on industrial scale. Racoon Slavic hair is bleached and coloured only with the use of chemical agents and dyes used in hair saloons. Due to it, cuticle is not subject to damage and the hair behaves as your own.

Racoon Slavic hair is sorted out, that is laid by lengths. It means that all the hairs in a ponytail are of equal length.


cuticle preserved in 100%, soft, silky and gentle, can be coloured and toned up


high price

All the aforementioned types of hair are suitable for extension. Please do not believe when some companies say that only Indian or Chinese hair is suitable for it.

Have you ever seen a blonde Hindu or Chinese? Of course it is not possible. Asian hair has very dark pigment and in order to obtain bright colours you need to use very strong chemical agents. Strong chemical agents lead to cuticle damage and only its preservation guarantees the highest quality of hair.

How to recognize hair types?

Chinese producers apply similar colour numbering, e.g. black is 1, 1B or 1BF, blonde is 21 and 22 and light blonde is 613 or 614. If anyone is selling "European" or "Slavic" hair of such numbering, you can be sure that it is Chinese hair or in best case scenario, Indian hair.

Slavic and European hair have no keratin or glued ends, it is pure hair on both sides, tied in a ponytail with a thread or a line. Hair with finished keratin ends is Chinese or Indian hair. Besides, European hair is present only in slightly wavy texture.

The price of hair is the best quality determinant. Real Slavic and European hair is hard to get and has a high price.

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