Shopping Rules


Internet shop offers retail sale via Internet network.


All the products offered in the shop are new, free from physical and legal defects and have been legally introduced to the Polish market.


All the prices given on websites are gross prices (they include VAT). The price visible by the product in the moment of placing an order by Customer is binding for the parties of the transaction.


We issue VAT invoices for all the goods sold in our shop.


Ordered goods are delivered only via a courier company. The delivery has to be checked in the courier’s presence. In case of discrepancies with the order, it is necessary to prepare a protocol on inconsistencies which is the only basis for complaint.

purchaser is charged with the delivery costs specified in the transportation price list.

It is possible to collect the order personally in the company's registered office:
Racoon Polska
ul. Szpitalna 5 premise 212
00-034 Warsaw


The following forms of payment are available:

  • Cash on delivery – payment at the goods receipt in cash to the courier.
  • Money transfer. We book the goods in our stock and send you an email indicating our bank account. After the money is transferred to our account we pack the goods and send it to you.
  • Money transfer or a payment card via ‘System Płatnoś’.
  • Cash or a payment card – at personal receipt in the company's registered office.

Additional costs related to the specific forms of payment are described in the transportation price list.


In case of payment by means of a money transfer, the delivery date is postponed to take place after the money is transferred to our account.

Deliveries are made by a courier company 1-3 working days after sending them from our stock. We are not responsible for delays in the delivery of goods by courier companies.


In case if goods are not consistent with the agreement, the goods complained about including the protocol of inconsistencies as well as possible expectations related to the way of our commitments realization shall be sent at your own expense. In case the complaint is acknowledged the shop returns the transportation costs.


We have 7 working days to reply to the complaint of the Customer from the date of receiving a notice on inconsistency of goods. If the case requires opinion of an expert or an external company, the period may be extended to 14 days. If the shop does not reply to Customer's demands within 14 days, it means that the claim is considered as justified.


Information placed on the shop websites are not an offer in the meaning of Civil Code. Customer who places an order via mechanisms available on the shop websites, places an offer to purchase specific goods on the conditions given in the product description. The moment of making a purchase and sale agreement takes place while written confirmation of goods receipt by customer on the consignment note.


The regulations describe the rules for purchasing goods in the shop. The act of placing an order is equivalent to consent to all provisions and information included in the regulations.

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