Asian Hair Racoon STANDARD 50 cm - color 514

50 cm
Asian Hair Racoon STANDARD 50 cm - color 514
Asian Hair Racoon STANDARD 50 cm - color 514
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Smooth and shiny hair of simple structure and high quality to price ratio.

Racoon STANDARD hair is of Asian origin. Because of the fact that its natural colour is black, the colouring process is carried out with the help of professional agents which after removing the black pigment protect the hair. The colouring method worked out by Racoon experts makes Racoon STANDARD hair the highest quality hair of Asian origin available on the market. 

Because of the way of its preparation it requires appropriate treatment – it is not allowed to apply shampoo containing proteins or use overheated hair irons. If cared about with the cosmetics from Racoon XTEND brand, Racoon STANDARD hair maintain its fantastic properties – extreme smoothness and shine – even up to 6 months.

Thanks to the application of 
Racoon Direct formula, Racoon STANDARD cuticle is laid in one direction just like hair on the head what does not allow for hair tangling. 

Additionally, Racoon STANDARD hair is multiple-sorted hair (
Racoon MultiDrawn formula). It means that while manufacturing, it underwent the process of multiple sorting what guarantees that all hair in a ponytail are of the same length and the highest quality.


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