Clix Full Head Human Soft Tofee

Hair wefts Racoon CLIX full set
Clix Full Head Human Soft Tofee
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Five-element set of Clip-in Racoon Clix hairpieces made of Euro natural hair with the length of 40cm in Cheeky Chocolate colour is a great product which allows for obtaining a natural effect of extension, thickening and adding volume to your hair in a few moments. It is a mix of gentle hairpieces with ultra light clips, what makes Clix practically invisible and extremely comfortable to wear.

Our sets are made of the highest quality Racoon Euro natural hair with 100% preserved hair cuticle. The hair cuticle is a natural shield which guarantees durability and resistance. Stylists love our hair as they can tone it up, spin and model – just like your own hair.

Hair length: 40cm

The set is composed of 
five hairpieces:

  • 2 small hairpieces with the width of 3cm each (with one clip)

  • 1 hairpiece with the width of 15cm (three clips)

  • 1 hairpiece with the width of 20cm (four clips)

  • 1 hairpiece with the width of 26cm (four clips)

and also:

  • a special hair-pin for pinning hair while fixing the hairpiece

  • a comb

  • additional clip with a needle and a thread for self-fixing

The amount of hair in the packages corresponds to 24 small hairpieces Clix Flash Pack.

Clip In Racoon Clix hairpieces are fixed with the use of a special clip (the so-called comb). On each hairpiece there is a sufficient number of clips which allow for fixing the hairpiece to your hair in an invisible way.

Racoon Clix hairpieces are made of Racoon EURO hair which characterize with gently waving structure, it is smooth and shiny. In the production process, the hair is mixed, bleached and coloured. The agents used for it are mild and do not cause cuticle damage

Racoon EURO hair used for production of Racoon Clix hairpieces is 
one hundred percent natural hair. Thanks to it, it perfectly combines with your hair what guarantees natural look of the extension made with the use of it.


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