Racoon XTEND Luxurious Shampoo 250ml

Racoon XTEND Cosmetics
Racoon XTEND Luxurious Shampoo 250ml
Racoon XTEND Luxurious Shampoo 250ml
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Moisturizing shampoo enriched with natural extracts from exotic plants which gently cleans head skin and hair.

The shampoo is provided in different packages visible in the gallery. 


Developed by Racoon experts, the shampoo formula has a unique mix of natural plant extracts with fruit acids, light consistency and special scent. Its special composition assures high efficiency and protection both, for natural and extended hair and additionally, the shampoo is extremely safe for connections of extended hair.


The shampoo gently washes the head skin and hair, deeply moisturizes and strengthens the roots.

It contains natural extracts from citrus fruit and thanks to aloe extract, which is a perfect source of vitamins and minerals, the shampoo perfectly nourishes and regenerates hair.


The shampoo leaves hair smooth, soft and shiny. After application of Xtend shampoo, the hair is fluffy and light without anti-static effect. Both, wet and soft, it is easy to brush and then do. It is pleasant and nice in touch.

Applied in a regular manner, it will make your hair extension or thickening more durable and your natural hair will become healthier, more moisturized and look perfect.

Price for 1 piece (250ml)


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