Racoon XTEND Thermal Defence 150ml

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Racoon XTEND Thermal Defence 150ml
Racoon XTEND Thermal Defence 150ml
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Thermal protection for extended hair – protects your hair while thermal stylization.


Stylization with the use of high temperature may essentially weaken your hair what makes it rough, fragile and hard to brush out. So, the product was developed in order to protect hair against such adverse impact of high temperatures.

Its formula, based on water, makes up an invisible protective shield on hair so that it is protected also while stylization procedures applying high temperatures (drying, ironing).


Thermal protection prevents from hair damage, protects it and regenerates it and also makes brushing it easier.


It gives excellent results – the effect of which closed the hair cuticle assures protection against loosing moisture while stylization with the use of high temperature, thanks to which hair becomes more well-cared-for and more shiny.

Additionally, it appears perfect while preserving the haircut which maintains the desired look regardless of moisture.

The product assures thermal protection for both, natural and extended hair.

We recommend simultaneous application of Racoon XTEND Hair Serum to all types of extended hair. Its regular use shall extend its vitality and protect it from thermal damages.

Price for 1 piece (150ml)


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